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Bring some rustic elegance and fun to your garden

Our range of weathered steel sculptures can make an ornamental statement within a landscape design or create a sense of curiosity and fun within any gardenscape or outdoor space

Material available

Weathering steel is a construction/engineering-grade steel alloy with enhanced weather resistance capabilities when compared to standard steels. Weathering steel’s copper-rich composition (when exposed to the atmosphere) naturally creates an oxidised ‘rust’ patina forming a protective surface coating which inhibits corrosion. Weathering steel was originally developed in the USA in the 1930’s under the trade name of Cor-Ten and, whilst there are now other manufacturers of equivalent material, Cor-Ten (or Corten) has become the common – if not always correct – industry term when referring to weathering steel.

Whilst typical construction applications for weathering steel include bridges, rolling stock and shipping containers, the distinctive and striking aesthetic qualities have led to it’s increased use in architectural projects. In more recent years, weathering steel has become an ever popular material used in the landscaping palette.

Weathering steel does not need sealing and requires very little maintenance although it is advisable to remove salt build up in coastal conditions. In the early stages of rusting it can cause drip stains but this will stabilize over several months (or such time as it takes for the material to developed it’s all-over protective rust coating) and care should be taken not to rub against the rusted finish as it can stain clothes.

1.6mm, 3mm and 6mm
.13″ and .24″


2400mm and 3000mm x 1200mm
Non-standard sizes are available but can be subject to extended lead times.
8′ x 4′ and 10′ x 5′
Non-standard sizes are available but can be subject to extended lead times.